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Disney Cruise as a Couple with No Kids!

Disney Cruise as a Couple with No Kids!

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I feel like when I was preparing for our cruise, there was just not enough content or blogs out there about going as a couple without kids. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to do a Disney cruise but of course, the horror stories about screaming kids and being stuck on a ship have scared me, even as a kid myself!

Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE cruising. My bucket list or lottery #1 would be to do the world cruise - Imagine not having to unpack more than once but getting to visit practically EVERY city around the world?! YES PLEASE. But a Disney cruise is daunting - not only for the possibility of crying babies, but the fact that price-wise, you could take at least 2 “regular” cruises for the price of one. But we held our breath, booked a last-minute cruise, and I am here to report my research.

Without further ado, here is what I learned!


  • While families dominate, you won’t be in small company - there are many other Disney couples without kids! - we booked a 4 day Caribbean cruise on the Disney Dream - their newest largest ship at the time. [since then they have announced new ships soon to debut!]

  • The Disney Entertainment - this may seem obvious but as a Disney fan, the fun details and themeing, the Disney music, Disney characters, Disney movies on the TV, and Disney theater shows - all amazing advantages that you can’t get on another cruise line.

  • Castaway Cay “Adults Beach” - Wow, this is a nice feature I wish other cruise lines would get on board with. We took the tram over to Serenity Bay and it was so nice to enjoy a day in the sun and relax among adults-only.

  • The Fine Dining - We dined at Remy, an adult-only specialty restaurant, and without a doubt it was worth it! Not only for the spectacular views of the water from any direction but the food and service was the highest caliber we received the entire time. We both agreed we would love to eat there again.

  • Magical touches - On our cruise we actually got picked as a “Magical Family” which was sooo surprising and unexpected. Every time we entered our stateroom it seemed we had a special bundle of treats or goodies waiting for us, along with a letter addressed especially to us. This made us feel really special in our tiny interior stateroom! :)

  • The Spa / Fitness - Okay, I know any Spa day on vacation is amazing but I have to talk about the Disney Cruise line spa for a second! I did a mini massage/facial package which was a dream. My esthetician was extremely friendly and sweet, did an amazing job and the views from my suite were incredible. I think Disney does a great job with the views in areas that are a premium. The workout facility was great as well, very clean and we did get a smoothie after from the little juice bar.


  • The “Adult-only” area touted on the ship was coincidentally the smoking section which sucked. We barely walked through that area just to avoid the smell, and when we did walk through, it became noticeable that it was a frequent pass-through of families and children to get to the other family pool. So two strikes for that area of the ship and not something I would highlight to others.

  • The regular dining - Disney only has two seatings for rotational dining, an early and a late. While this is likely an advantage for families with kids (their priority) it didn’t really suit my husband and I because we prefer to dine at leisure in a more “anytime” dining setting. We requested a table for 2 which they accommodated but we both felt the service and the food was sub-par. I do not know if it is because we were on a 4-day cruise so it wasn’t up to the high caliber I had heard about, but that was just not our experience. All of our meals in the main dining rooms were not anything to write home about.

  • Lots of up-charges - While Disney loves to talk about how soft drinks are included, I would rather pay for the beverage package and know I could get a drink anywhere (like sitting in my lounge chair) versus having to go up to the pool deck to use the free soda machines. They got very crowded and it was often a hassle! There really wasn’t another place on board to get something free to drink. It seemed like there was a lot of tiny up-charges like popcorn outside the theater, snacks and candy, etc. Used sparingly it is probably not the end of the world but if you prefer it to be ALL-INCLUSIVE, it’s definitely something to take in to consideration.

  • Entertainment on board - I have to give Disney credit for this, they do an amazing job with children’s entertainment. There is plenty for little ones to do on board! Kids clubs, games, crafts galore. As far as adult activities go, there really is not much besides premium activities like drink tastings, cooking class, etc. I’m not saying we were bored, (we definitely still played the Mid-ship detective agency game!) but if you are used to a ship with multiple options for things to do at one time, the Disney cruise would not be my first recommendation. There’s movies, pool lounging, and that sort of thing but this is not a cruise with a jewelry giveaway on aft Deck 8, Bingo on midship Deck 10, Towel folding class on forward Deck 9 all at 11am. If you get what I mean :)


I enjoyed our Disney cruise, and I would love to take another. Although the food was not our favorite, I would be willing to give it another chance as maybe we just experienced a fluke. We both enjoyed seeing how happy families were on their vacations as well, which really makes the whole experience even more positive. I think you can’t be unhappy when everything around you is Mickey-shaped! :)

Hopefully this was helpful to those of you considering a Disney Cruise. Have you ever sailed with Mickey? Let me know!

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