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Mickey's Very Christmas Party 2017! A Review

Mickey's Very Christmas Party 2017! A Review

The day after Thanksgiving, we went up to Orlando for the Very Merry Christmas Party at Disney World! This is a special ticketed event, after hours in Magic Kingdom. We were so excited because neither of us had been before, it's Christmas themed which we love, and of course, free cookies!! 

Honestly, I was most excited to wear my "Very Merry" spirit jersey from Pretty Little Monograms. I ordered it not really knowing whether or not we'd get to go to the party, but sort of hopeful so I was pumped that it was going to be chilly enough to wear! Pretty Little Monograms is a super cute little store that makes "magical" Disney inspired apparel and this shirt was just too cute! I have a few other things from them & it's all great quality and unique than from what other people are wearing. 

The way it works is you can arrive at 4PM and hang out till 7PM when the party officially kicks off. This is a great way to get the most "bang for your buck" if you aren't a passholder or don't want to buy the regular park ticket.  We got there around 5 and the park was packed. It occurred to us that it was a sold-out party, but we've heard that they do limit the amt of people that can go to any party. What that number is remains a mystery.... ;)

One thing that I had read before we got there is that there are lots of free cookies/treat stations! Basically anywhere you see a giant candy cane inflatable you can go in and get unlimited treats, this year they had gingerbread cookies, peppermint, sugar, and even a pretzel. My husband and I got some dinner before the party started to allow time for the park to "clear out" but it was still very busy. 

Once the party started and the sun went down, I was happy I had my spirit jersey on because it was legit chilly! The temp was around 50-55 which was "refreshing." We were able to get great viewing for the Elsa stage show, where she turns Cinderella's castle into ice. That was very cool but veryyyyyy crowded. We're talking limited elbow room, lots of people everywhere. My husband is more of a member of the rides and attractions camp vs the parades/characters camp. So if that is you, you will enjoy being able to experience basically every attraction with a very limited amount of competition. 

Here is a list of all the rides we were able to do all in under 3 hours.

  1. Pirates of the Caribbean

  2. Jingle Cruise (this is actually a must do! They change Jungle to Jingle and it's all Christmas themed!)

  3. Space Mountain

  4. Astro Orbiters

  5. Haunted Mansion

  6. Big Thunder Mountain

If you know Disney, it's lines everywhere. To get food, use the bathroom, even to get in. The party is no exception but definitely eliminates a lot of waiting in line for rides. 

We were also able to go back in front of the castle and view the Holiday Wishes fireworks which was incredible! My husband and I had actually never been to the parks at night together because we are usually there bright and early! So to see those together was really special. 

What didn't we do? A LOT! There is so much to see and experience, and walking around the parks over and over to avoid people and lines is tiring... so keep that in mind if you have little ones too! There were a few characters that we saw doing meet and greets (Moana, Sandy Claws?) but we weren't interested in that this time. As well, we did not feel like sitting in the crowds for the parade but if I were able to do it again, I would probably book a reservation somewhere with a viewpoint. The snow on Main Street was amazing too!

Overall, this is a really fun experience for both adults and children. It was so much fun to get to see everyone in their holiday best & it really got us in the Christmas spirit. I would love to go back! Have you been before? What was your favorite part? Let me know :)

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